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  • Flying Speed Advantage service

    Working together to write a brilliant movement of logistics products

  • Export all airline agent

    As the full-line agent of EMC and TSL ZIM APL, the company has absolute freight and service advantag...

  • Companies cooperate

    Excellent booking services, attracted more shipping companies to cooperate. The company is not on...

  • Import services

    According to the client's entrustment, the company undertakes the import operation business of EX...

  • Frozen ark advantage

    The company has been committed to the development of cryocontainer business since its establishme...

  • Convention and exhibition logistics

    Domestic large-scale exhibitions, overseas exhibits transportation, sports event logistics, perfo...

  • Cross-border e-commerce logistics

    One-stop cross-border logistics allows you to use your brains all over the world. The seller tran...

  • Land transport logistics service

    The company owns more than ten container vehicles and dozens of fixed vehicles with many years of...

  • Warehousing services

    The company has a commodity warehouse of 7000 square meters in huangdao, and maintains good long-...

  • Customs clearance

    Acting goods import and export customs declaration, inspection, commodity inspection customs insp...

  • About Us

    QINGDAO FLYING SPEED WORLD WIDE LOGISTICS CO., LTD. located at CBD Wanda Plaza with a registered fund of 5 million CNY is the first class international freight transportation agency authorized by Ministry of Economy and Trade. The company is an “observe contract and keep promi ......

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    Advantage Routes

    Accompanied with the process of world economic integration development, xiang yingpeng company as EMC, TSL ZIM APL all airline agent in Europe, the Middle East, red sea, India and Pakistan, southeast Asia, Australia, South America and other routes have absolute rate and service advantage, excellent booking service, has attracted more cooperation ship company, says there CMA MSC and MSK, and other shipping companies have close cooperation, the company competitiveness is growing.
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  • Company Address: 1830-1832, building B, CBD wanda plaza, no. 112 yanji road, Qingdao city
  • 0532-55662906/07/08/09
  • xiangyinglx@163.com